Thursday, September 8, 2016

The Redbox Diaries 9.8.16

A bi-monthly roundup of flicks currently available at The Box that may or may not be worth your time.
KEANU (2016) - The genius stars of Comedy Central's "Key & Peele" kick off what is sure to be a very successful movie career for its stars Michael Keegan-Key and Jordan Peele with this hilarious action-comedy about two mild-mannered dudes who try to pass themselves off as notorious gangsta thugs when their cat Keanu is stolen by a nefarious crime lord. Just like the duo's high-rated sketch show the actors play multiple characters as they spoof urban stereotypes and 80s-style action-movie tropes. With any luck we'll eventually get to see cinematic incarnations of Peele's bad cop ventriloguist dummy Lil' Homie and Key's phonetically-challenged substitute teacher.
THE BOSS - Melissa McCarthy hits bottom, and I mean rock bottom, with this jaw-droppingly unfunny comedy about Michelle Darnell, an egocentric Martha Stewart-esque mogul whose net worth goes kerplunk after an insider trading scandal brings her empire crashing down. When she gets out of the slammer Darnell is forced to adjust to living on limited means but discovers a chance to rebuild her brand via a hostile takeover of a local Girl Scout cookie operation. The set-up has lots of potential for MCarthy's trademark schtick but it's attempts to mix broad comedy and syrupy sweetness crumble like a stale Thin Mint.
THE ANGRY BIRDS MOVIE - The biggest surprise about this animated adaptation of the massively popular (and addicting) app is that it's actually pretty funny. You don't necessarily need to have ever played any of the endless incarnations of the game that pits the projectile poultry against evil egg-coveting green piggies but if the idea of fat colorful birds catapulting themselves towards various porcine-populated dwellings is your thing then there are far worse ways to burn 90 minutes of unproductive leisure time.

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