Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Greatness in Waiting: David Fincher's GONE GIRL (2014)

GONE GIRL is perhaps the most anticipated movie of the Fall season and early reports are confirming that the wait is well, well, worth all the hoopla. Based on former Entertainment Weekly staff writer Gillian Flynn's terrific best selling novel, GG stars Oscar-winning writer Ben Affleck as Nick Dunne, a feckless husband whose wife Amy goes missing. Having read the book and skimmed the early reviews, that's all anyone should know going in because the story takes turns that you will not see coming. GONE GIRL isn't so much of a whodunnit as it is a whydunnit. It's a tense, fascinating, exploration of marital vows taken to the nth degree and despite the rather odd casting of Tyler Perry as a smarmy divorce attorney, I'm bee-lining for the nearest Alamo Drafthouse when it opens this Friday. Check out the early review blurbs: GONE GIRL is...
"The best movie David Fincher has ever made." - Jim Hemphill, American Cinematographer
"A high-quality mainstream crowd-pleaser in the best possible sense of the phrase." - Scott Mendelson, Forbes
"A work of chilly wit and bleak metaphor, an artifice that invites the kind of analytical response where we pull on our chins and discuss how other people, more naive than we, will receive it." - Andrew O'Hehir,
"Everything the book was and more - more, certainly, in its sinister, brackish atmosphere dominated by mustard-yellow fluorescence, designed to make you squint, recoil and then lean in a little closer." - Michael Phillips, Chicago Tribune
And to be fair, here is one of the few stinker blurbs:
"Fincher's chief delight seems to be in playing with genre conventions: what looks like an especially moody whodunit morphs first into a psychosexual thriller and then into what might just be straight-faced satire."- Matthew Lickona, San Diego Reader
GONE GIRL opens Oct. 3rd.

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