Monday, September 29, 2014

Welcome Back, Blogger!

Greetings! I was going to post my first blog on my newly revamped site Oct. 1st but got so excited (read: bored at work) that I decided to just launch the darn thing already. Welcome to Cinematic Prozac, a site that will focus on what enthusiasts of all stripes refer to as "the good sh*t." These are the films (past, present, and even future) that captivate, move, inspire, haunt, and invade our hearts and minds - or at least aspire to but still succeed even as their good intentions self-immolate. This doesn't have to be THE SOUND OF MUSIC feel-good fare, but the films that rewire our brains, much like the cranium candy the blog title suggests. The movies that we would run into the burning house to rescue like cherished photo albums. Anyone who knows me knows I love STAR WARS but what really is left to be said about it? I'd much rather discuss my pal Jim Hemphill's exquisite movie THE TROUBLE WITH THE TRUTH (2014) and why it kicks MY DINNER WITH ANDRE's ass (well, there went half my potential readers.) Really, though, I want to talk about not just what's on my movie-addled brain but also what's on yours. So email, text, comment, tweet (@WardOnTheStreet) your lattest gems for the CP diamond mine and let the good sh*t reign supreme. Again...welcome! "

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