Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year! A Quick Look Back At 2008

Greetings readers! Seeing as 2009 is now upon us, I have decided that one of my new year resolutions will be to adopt the Stephen King rule, as taken from his most excellent book "On Writing," which is that I will write something, anything, at least two hours a day, every day, starting to-day. As I write this, I am sitting in a hotel room in Valdosta, Georgia, en route to DisneyWorld with my brother, sister-in-law, and their three rambunctious but adorable young'uns. Since I find myself on east coast time, I have realized that if I am to make good on my resolution, I have only a couple hours left to make it before the midnight deadline, wherein my laptop will turn into a pumpkin - or worse, a critic. Anywho, since I'm no way near compiling my Top Ten Movies of '08 yet, here instead are some Best/Worsts of yesteryear.

Best Movie: Though THE WRESTLER stole my heart even more than WALL*E, I think it's safe to say that the movie of the year is THE DARK KNIGHT. Though it initially fell short of my mammoth, fanboy-inflamed, expectations, my multiple viewings of it since have confirmed it as not just a masterpiece of superhero cinema, but also a terrifically labyrinthine crime drama that plumbs the darkest corners of humanity while holding a mirror up to our own two faces. Seeing it in IMAX was the best movie presentation I experienced all year long.

Worst Movie: RIGHTEOUS KILL - I'm sure it's not as bad as 88 MINUTES, but to think the last two movies Pacino and DeNiro did together were HEAT and THE GODFATHER II makes this stinker stink even more.

Best TV Show: I love me some "Lost," but last season was hard to beat, so this year the best show on TV by far was "Mad Men." Beneath the eye-popping costumes (helloooo Joan!) and production design is the most compelling portrayal of the work/family dynamic since "The Sopranos." Hey HBO, you passed on this but picked up that awful animated show? Really? No...really.

Worst TV Show: "Worst Week." One episode was enough to convince me to skip the whole week altogether. Just awful.

Best Song: "Dawn of the Dead" by Does It Offend You, Yeah? It's catchy and infectious, just like it's beloved namesake. Took me damned near forever to find it on INDIE 103.1's infernally confusing website.

Worst Song: "I Kissed A Girl" by Katy Perry. This song is also catchy and infectious, but when you hear it every single time you turn on the radio and television, you want to find some antidote - stat!

Best Over-All Moment: Election Night, Tuesday, November 4th. All of my worst fears stemming from the preposterous media-driven circus that was the 2008 Election were mercifully not confirmed on that glorious night, providing a hopeful ray of light that outshone all the inane Joe The Plumber-SixPack-Maverick-Main Street-Wall Street-Pit Bull-Hockey Mom histrionics. One caveat: we didn't need all the incessant cutaways to Oprah's adoring visage nestled on Joe Shmoe's shoulder to confirm how just how momentous the occasion really was.

Worst Moment: I could have done without the health scare in October, but thanks to the support of family and friends, I rode through the storm unscathed and came out all the stronger for it. You can never have enough reminders to take the absolute best care of yourself.

Best wishes to all for a happy and healthy 2009! Stay tuned....


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JP said...

My cousin works behind the scenes at Mad Men! Stage design or something, even was up for an emmy last year although I'm such a bad cousin I don't even know if he won (I don't personally follow the show)

I'll be seeing him at a family reunion (in PA, not LA!) this summer and I'll see if I can get his autograph for you (or if you can't wait, I'll just cut it out of their Christmas card) :)